Precision Engineering Services

Gosnays regularly undertake the following work on car, commercial, industrial, marine, agricultural, stationary and plant engines of all ages. The developments and progress made by the motor industry in recent years are remarkable with the efficiency, economy and sheer life of engines extended way beyond those ever contemplated when Gosnay's started business. As Adrian Wilkes says "today's car engine has technologies which Formula 1 engines had only a few years ago".

Gosnay's team of experienced engineers regularly undertake the following precision engineering…

Cylinder blocks: Refacing; honing; resleeving; Nikasil plating

Cylinder heads: Refacing; valve refacing, valve seat recutting, valve seat inserting, in-line boring of camshaft housings

"Bottom end"/Crankshafts: Regrinding, including offset regrinding; crack detection; Tuftriding & Nitriding; white metalling of bearings; balancing of assemblies; con rod remanufacture

When working on older engines or those for more extreme use such as motorsport, we frequently apply our skills and experience to re-engineer out weaknesses where they occurred in original manufacture.

We still undertake specialist techniques required for older engines such as the re- metalling of white metal bearings.

The majority of our work remains automotive and a good deal of this includes classic and vintage engines as well as work for race engine builders who regularly entrust precision machining work to us. Work on engines for commercial vehicles; forklifts; marine and industrial engines (including gas engines) can also be undertaken and remains an important element of our overall work.

Work can be dispatched to and from customers throughout the country as well as overseas though it is always advisable for the customer to discuss their requirements and aims first.

- Cylinder head refacing
- Valve refacing
- Valve seat recutting & inserting

- Cylinder boring & sleeving - Line boring

- Crankshaft regrinding - including offset grinding - Flywheel lightening & grinding - Balancing - re- metalling of white metal bearings.


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