Original Parts for Veteran, Vintage, Classic and Historic Vehicles

Over the years the company has had the foresight to recognize the importance of older parts and compo-nents. As 'old' or obsolete parts have been cast aside by many in the industry, Gosnay's has instead sourced such engine components to establish a well organised stock of components, some still in their original packing and many carrying famous names from the past. This is not confined to boxed components such as pistons, piston rings, bearings and gaskets but includes crankshafts, camshafts, liners, cylinder heads to complete engines.

Anyone seeking vintage, veteran or modern classic/historic engine components would be well advised to check with Gosnay's first.
K Line 'Bronze Bullet' valve guide liners
Available to suit all modern applications and many in older engines in a wide range of sizes and different materials, these popular valve guide liners simplify repairs with guide-to-seat runout and stem-to-guide tolerances maintained.

Gosnay's (logo) SaverShims
Each SaverShim is a stainless steel shim- not a gasket - which helps to restore an engine's valve train geometry, valve to piston clearance, compression ratio and cam timing back to factory specifications where the cylinder head and/or cylinder block surfaces have been machined beyond the engine manufacturer's specification. This enables otherwise 'condemned' cylinder heads which previously could not be re-used after machining due to the small (even zero in some cases) machining allowances quoted by engine manufacturers, to now be re-used rather than scrapped.

Now also available for diesel engines, SaverShims also end the expensive task of resetting valve heights & depths after machining the head face of such increasingly popular engines.

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