Workshop tools, Equipment and Supplies

For the trade who need to ensure quality work with efficient throughput in their workshop plus those who undertake some of the work themselves, Gosnay's offers a comprehensive range of workshop equipment and quality tooling for head, block or bottom-end work plus consumables for flywheel or brake work; abrasives, grinding wheels and oils; carbide and diamond cutting tools and much more.

This is based upon the range of Goodson of USA who have established an enviable reputation for their workshop equipment and consumables. This is perhaps not surprising since their range has been expanded over the years to now includes more than 8000 top quality products. These include abrasives, grinding wheels, carbide cutters, diamond tools and grinding oils plus a range of tools and jigs for rebuilding cylinder heads, short blocks and crankshafts and to assist work on most major automotive parts.
From this remarkably comprehensive range Gosnay's select and stock those lines which are of most relevance to the UK market. This includes specialist equipment and tooling for those working on V8 engines and is constantly reviewed.

Those items not stocked can usually be obtained promptly from Goodson in the USA

The entire Goodson range is detailed together with handy tips for the engine rebuilder in a comprehensive catalogue which is available free to members of the trade upon request.

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